Residential Life at ASCTE is an inclusive community space that celebrates a diverse group of students. We challenge students to become their best selves by teaching self-advocacy, independence and learning to engage with those around them in a productive way. Additionally, we understand that students flourish in new environments where they feel challenged and supported by adults who are present and provide guidance. Our staffing model is structured to include a consistent group of adults made up of administrators, residential faculty, teachers, counselors and nurses to support students in and out of the classroom. Of course, within that support, we make plenty of time for fun activities on campus and around town! 


    Each student will either be in a “double” or “suite-style” room:

    • A double room is a space for 2 students with a shared bathroom. The shared bathroom has a shower, toilet and a vanity with a sink.

    • A suite-style room is a space for 4 students (2 students in each room). The shared bathroom has a shower, toilet and two vanities with two sinks. 

    Each student will have a bed (twin XL), desk and wardrobe. 


    What should students bring?

    • Bed sheets and blankets (twin XL)

    • Pillow

    • Small trash can

    • Laundry basket

    • Personal toiletries

    • Items to decorate your room with to make it feel like home 

     Items students shouldn't bring

    • Weapons of any kind

    • Televisions (screens exceeding 19”)  

    • Personal space heaters

    • Microwaves

    • Hot plates

    • Hot water electric kettle 

    • Candles