Residential Life Parent Guide

  • Message to Parents:
    Part of our expectation for ASCTE students, residential and commuter students alike, is that they learn to be responsible, self-reliant, and self-sufficient.

    It is important for parents to give their children space to grow and learn at the school without interjecting themselves into areas that are a matter of student responsibility.  For example, it is reasonable for parents to communicate with advisors every two weeks or so, but it is not reasonable to call daily and expect an immediate answer. ASCTE will not provide daily and weekly updates to parents because we believe this does not promote student independence and self-reliance.

    ASCTE is not a therapeutic or tutoring school; we are a STEM-focused boarding school that is not designed to provide students with regular counseling or daily intervention. Instead, we offer a safe environment in which students can navigate independently in their work, their responsibilities, and their relationships with peers and staff. We ask parents to support and encourage students to take responsibility for their own education at ASCTE. We urge parents to communicate with ASCTE staff immediately about areas of major concern.

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