Dining Fees

  • Dining Fees

    Breakfast and lunch will be available for all students each day. Residential students will also have dinner and meals available on the weekends. Day students may receive dinner at an additional cost of $5 per day.  Students with financial hardship may apply for assistance at the Student Affairs Office.  Dining payments may be made through Paypal(link coming soon!)

    Residential Students

    • One time payment- $1200 (Payment due 1st day of school)
    • Two(2) semester payments- $650 (Payment due before the 1st day of each semester)
    • Four(4) quarterly payments- $350 (Payment due before 1st day of each term)
    • Ten (10) monthly payments- $160 (Payment due before 1st of each month)

    Day Students

    • One time payment- $600 (Payment due 1st day of school)
    • Two(2) semester payments- $325 (Payment due before the 1st day of each semester)
    • Four (4) quarterly payments- $175 (Payment due before 1st day of each term)
    • Ten(10) monthly payments- $80 (Payment due before 1st of each month)