Health & Wellness

  • The ASCTE Health & Wellness team is committed to supporting each ASCTE student to create an environment in which all students can flourish. Faculty members, resident advisors, and licensed professionals work together to ensure that all students feel safe and supported during their time at ASCTE — and that they develop the skills they need to live healthy, balanced lives.
    ASCTE nurses are dedicated to taking great care of our students. They oversee the administration of prescription medications, monitor for COVID-19 safety protocols, and are available to students who need consultation regarding various medical concerns.
    For those who have chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders, severe allergies/anaphylaxis as well as other chronic disorders/conditions, a copy of an emergency action plan from the physician will provide us with important information and ensure a consistent plan of care. If you have one, please send it along with the medications.
    School Counselor, Beth Blair, is an important resource and is available to the students for ongoing support. She is available to assist students experiencing emotional, family, relationships, and campus life problems. If serious emotional problems arise, Ms. Blair can provide recommendations for further assessment and intervention.
    Our Healthcare Partners:
    • Huntsville Pediatrics 
      • Provides urgent/acute care to students with private insurance during normal business hours.
      • Will administer flu vaccines.
      • Will administer the tetanus vaccine for any injuries that would require a booster.
      • Cannot prescribe any chronic medications.
    • HEALS, Inc.
      • Provides medical care for students with Medicaid or without medical insurance during normal business hours.

    NOTE: If the need for more advanced care arises, students can be transported to Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children.

ASCTE Clinic

  • School Nurses:

    Lynell Keohane
    Jennifer Raburn
    Stacy Humpress


ASCTE Counselor

  • image of Beth Blair

    Beth Blair