• The Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering (ASCTE) is the nation’s only high school focused on the integration of cyber technology and engineering into all academic disciplines. ASCTE is a public, residential magnet high school serving students throughout the state of Alabama. Tuition is free. 

    The ASCTE faculty is composed of field and subject matter experts providing students the highest quality of instruction focused on embedding cyber protections into the engineering cycle.

Matt Massey
  • On behalf of the ASCTE community, I invite you to discover the many ways the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering is a national model of educational   innovation addressing the state of Alabama and our nation's critical intelligence needs.

    Founded in 2018 as the first tuition-free residential high school focused on the integration of cyber technology and engineering across all academic disciplines, our faculty, many   of whom are subject matter experts, seek to educate and empower ASCTE students with the charge to bridge the large gaps in the cyber workforce further ensuring the integrity   of our national security. True to our mission, ASCTE students learn at the highest level to be successful in implementing cyber protection into the engineering cycle. As such,   when students move onward from our community, they are capable of thriving in a highly technical workforce and in higher education.

    When Governor Ivey signed ACT2018-480 into law creating ASCTE, the State of Alabama reinforced its commitment to this great state's citizens. We opened our doors to 70  freshmen and sophomore students in August 2020--many of whom have already been offered industry internships for their incredible talents and accomplishments while under the   instruction of our syndicated faculty and staff. 

    We are proud that our government and industry partnerships continue to allow for the highest level of instruction, innovation, and the physical construction of our newest state of the art facility in Cummings Research Park.

    Thank you for your interest in the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering.

    Matt Massey,