• image of paul christian Paul Christian

    Paul Christian is President/Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Research Corporation, a product-oriented solution provider for first responders, defense, intelligence, federal, and civilian government customers. Mr. Christian provides a visionary role in markets where Paragon’s core products and services can enhance the warfighter, First Responders, and Homeland Security.

    Mr. Christian has made business development his top priority, resulting in consistently strong contract awards and teaming relationships with a vigorous focus on strategic campaigns to inject creative solutions to solve challenging problems for the protection of the U.S. from cyber-attacks, terrorists, and adversaries. Mr. Christian is also focused on the development and delivery of turn-key solutions to eliminate or minimize impacts on our national security and the men and women who serve our country.

    Mr. Christian is leading the expansion of Paragon’s market reach into biomedical for disease diagnosis, prognostics, and product developments to minimize debilitating effects of chronic diseases and disorders. Our research focuses on enhancing patients’ treatments through matching DNA to pharmaceuticals that minimize side effects while optimizing the medical benefits.