News Release

  • October 22, 2021

    ASCTE to hold Cyber Camps in Bullock and Macon Counties

    The Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering (ASCTE) recently signed Memorandums of Agreement with the Bullock and Macon school districts in Alabama. The agreements allow ASCTE to host Cyber Camps for students attending schools in these districts.

    ASCTE is a public, state magnet school whose mission includes providing educational opportunities in cyber technology and engineering to students across the state. The school was created by the state legislature in 2018 to provide Alabama students with educational opportunities and experiences in the rapidly growing fields of cyber technology. 

    The Cyber Camps are sponsored by Deloitte and in partnership with ASCTE, are part of the ASCTE Cyber Development Cooperative (ACDC). Deloitte is supporting ASCTE in the development of the mini-labs and lectures and will also provide hardware to support the labs.

    “Deloitte is proud to continue working with ASCTE to inspire and train America’s next generation of cybersecurity and engineering professionals,” said Carey Miller, managing director, Deloitte & Touche LLP. “We remain committed to closing the talent gap and building a diverse cybersecurity workforce in Alabama and across the country by recruiting highly skilled Americans from communities that have too often been denied successful pathways to cyber and STEM careers.”

    The Camps will be held during the academic school year over a 3-day period and will include Capture the Flag activities and other hands-on activities to develop skills and knowledge.

    “We are very excited and proud to share the knowledge and resources we have developed at ASCTE with schools across Alabama, stated ASCTE President, Matt Massey. “Programs like these cyber camps will enable students to experience cybersecurity concepts and skills that will expand their future education possibilities and encourage them to consider STEM fields.”

    Dr. Jacqueline A. Brooks, Superintendent of Macon County Schools noted, “We have an unprecedented opportunity to have our local high schools partner with our newly designed specialty school in our state to support students in cyber security training and technology.”

    “I am excited for the scholars of South Highlands Middle to participate in the Cyber Camp. It is critically important for our scholars to gain hands-on, real-world experiences with the challenge of critical thinking, collaboration, and solving programs in a fast-paced environment,” stated Dr. Christopher Blair, Superintendent of Bullock County Schools. “This partnership with ASCTE is increasingly important as the district exposes our middle school scholars to careers in cybersecurity.”

    Another important aspect of the law creating the school is the opportunity for ASCTE to assist teachers, administrators across the state to replicate cyber technology and engineering studies in their own schools. 

    “Alabama students deserve every opportunity to learn and gain a mastery of the most cutting-edge educational opportunities available – ASCTE provides that chance,” Dr. Eric Mackey, Alabama State Superintendent of Education said. “The combination of corporate partnerships and the drive of dedicated educators create a unique environment where a diverse population of students will learn the latest in cyber technology and engineering. With Cyber Camps being conducted in some of the most rural parts of the state, ASCTE tears down barriers to high-tech STEM training and gives students access to the kind of skill sets they will need for future workforce expectations.”