• ASCTE is currently located on the campus of Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. Oakwood University is a gated campus with its own security officers. ASCTE students will have access to a nightly health care professional and on-duty residential staff.

    Our newly renovated residential hall on the campus of Oakwood University houses:

    • 90 residential students in double occupancy room with in-room bathrooms
    • State-of-the-art computer lab
    • Academic enrichment study rooms
    • Common areas for student recreation
    • Engineering lab
    • Laundry facilities

    Weekend: Most activities are optional, allowing our students to prioritize their academic and personal responsibilities. Activities may include:

    • Hiking/outdoor
    • Shopping
    • Movies/Movie Nights
    • Community Engagement
    • Capture the Flag
    • Holiday Parties
    • Baking Classes
    • Fishing Club

    Residential Students: Residential students live alongside their peers and the ASCTE professional staff develop strong relationships devoted to student personal, academic, and ethical success.

    Commuter Students: Commuter students will make meaningful connections to the residential community through activities on and off-campus. Weekend activities are available for both student populations, and all weekday clubs include both residential and commuter students.

    Typical Daily Schedule:

    • 7:45 AM: Breakfast at School
    • 8:30-9:30 AM: Class 1
    • 9:35-10:35 AM: Class 2
    • 10:40-11:40 AM: Class 3
    • 11:45 AM-12:50 PM: Lunch/Enrichment
    • 12:55-1:55 PM: Class 4
    • 2:00-3:00 PM: Class 5
    • 3:05-5:30 PM: Clubs/Free Time
    • 5:30-6:30 PM: Dinner
    • 6:30-7:45 PM: Free Time/Activities
    • 7:45-8:45 PM: Study Hour
    • 8:45-10 PM: Free Time/Activities
    • 10:00 PM: In-room Curfew
    • 11:00 PM: Lights Out(weekdays)
    • Midnight: Curfew(weekends)

    **8:00 PM-7:00 AM: Quiet Hours