Dorm Rooms

  • The dormitory is located on Oakwood University’s campus at Peterson Hall which is a short walk from the educational building located at J.T. Stafford building. Each room is double occupancy. Dorm life enhances a student’s life development skills and independence while building community among the students. Dorm room and roommate assignments will be given during orientation. All new students will have a roommate. All dorms and rooms have wireless internet service. We know that parents shop for dorm room items during the summer along with other school items. Below is a list of items for students: 

Things Students Need

  • ❏ Standard twin sheets, pillow, and comforter (see size note above)
    Towels and washcloths
    Alarm clock, lamp and flashlight
    Basic school supplies
    Plastic bucket or tray for shower toiletries
    ❏ Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush & paste, comb/brush etc.)
    Flip flops and a robe
    Laundry basket/bag, detergent, hangers
    Umbrella, rain jacket with hood
    Cold weather items (coat, scarf, hat, gloves)
    Cell phone 

Computer/Electronics Allowed

  • Laptop, computer, iPad
    Portable speakers
    HDMI or Ethernet cord
    Surge protector
    Wireless keyboard/mouse

Nice to Have Items

  • Under bed storage
    Pictures from home
    Posters (secure with putty or tape, NO NAILS)
    Mugs for hot drinks/soups
    Bulletin board, dry erase board, calendar
    Extension cords
    Rain boots
    Mattress pad

Prohibited Items

    • Flammables - Candles, matches, lighters, incense, etc. 
    • Microwaves, toaster ovens, crock pots, coffee pots, electric tea kettles, popcorn poppers, rice cookers, hot plates, or space heaters 
    • Halogen lamps, decorative string or rope lights 
    • Firearms (including hunting rifles, ammunition, bows, arrows, knives, air guns or paintball guns) 
    • Fireworks or explosives 
    • TVs, stereos 
    • Pets 
    • Drones 
    • Thumbdrives 
    • Hoverboards, bikes, rollerblades, skateboards