Living Here

  • image of Peterson Hall At ASCTE, your dorm is your home base from day one. It's where you make your first friends as a new student and where, over the years, young students look to you for help, guidance, and friendship. Day students are invited to make connections and participate in dorm life and activities.

    All of our dorm room are places of pride, each with its own character. Your dorm will become your home away from hom, providing memories and friendships for life.

    Our positive school culture is made possible by students who respect, support, and encourage one another every day. For many, these strong relationships start with dorm like. Together, students study, unwind, gather for dorm-wide meetings, goof around at snacking sessions know around here as "munch outs," get ready for sports practice and formal dinners, and share daily triumphs and challenges.

    Equity and Inclusion

    Through day-to-day activities, curriculum, and school-aide celebrations, we seek to raise awareness and encourage understanding of dfferences of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, socioseconomic class, geographical origin, and sexual orientation.

    Campus Safety

    The safety and care of the ASCTE communityis a top priority. Oakwood University Police officers monitor the campus 24 hours a day on foot, by car, and by bike.  Access to academic buildings and residential houses is limied by key card access to students and residents. Safety call buttons ("blue lights") are installed at various intervals around campus. Regular safety drills prepare students, faculty, and staff for potential crisis senarios.