• Ms. Pelle is an environmental engineer who recently switched to teaching in 2019. Her former projects include the development of hydrologic models for Wyoming's Weather Modification Pilot Project and the National Weather Service, implementation to project management protocols for nuclear suppliers, and design and oversight of wetland and stream restoration. In 2019 she began teaching computer science in addition to writing new computer science curriculums including Data Mining and Python. 

    Ms. Pelle has her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Tennessee, her Master's in Environmental Engineering from the University of Alabama and recently received her teaching certification in Math and Computer Science.  
    Ms. Pelle is married and has a miniature dachshund named Albus. She recently moved to Huntsville from Annapolis, MD, and currently resides in Huntsville, AL. 
  • Anglea Pelle
    Engineering Instructor