• ASCTE Community, 

    From its inception, The Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering (ASCTE) has positioned itself as a leader in academics by ensuring our educational approach is research-based, relevant, and anchored in both best practices and forward-thinking pedagogy.

    Bringing more than 30 years of educational experience–including 20 years in higher education I believe that the program built at ASCTE is one that schools across the State and Nation should consider as we reshape the narrative of what happens within the walls of the classroom.

    I invite you to explore our curriculum guide–designed with student success in mind by some of the best in the cyber and engineering industry along side educational content experts. Additionally, on the left panel, you will find the 4-year trajectory of an incoming 9th-grade student and the 3-year trajectory of an incoming 10th-grade student.

    Should you have any questions and/or want to learn more about ASCTE, please feel free to contact me at Rosemary.Hodges@ascte.org.


    Go Sentinels!



  • Dr. Rosemary Hodges

    Dean of Teacher & Student Learning