Why Choose ASCTE?

  • Our students will have the benefit of learning unique approaches to protecting our nation.

    At ASCTE, Alabama’s brightest students benefit from a collaborative educational environment. Classwork focuses on developing cyber technology and engineering professionals who will create design capabilities and systems that advance and protect Alabama and the nation. From concept to manufacturing, a systematic approach to the development life cycle of an asset/system is required. We also need to make sure that we protect and embed cyber solutions into every step of the system development life cycle.

    Teaching our students to think about cyber and protecting assets/systems during every phase of the development life cycle is required. Our students will have the benefit of learning unique approaches for protecting our nation as they work under the guidance of leading cyber and engineering professionals who provide critical solutions daily.

    Smaller class sizes allow for each student to receive the personalized attention and instruction they require to benefit the most from their classroom time.

    During their studies with ASCTE, students will incorporate a selected engineering discipline as an educational program and will pursue that discipline with passion, purpose and entrepreneurial drive.

    Upon graduation, the hard and soft skills acquired at ASCTE will allow for many to secure immediate employment in industry, government, or advanced placement in a postsecondary school.